Published journal articles

“The political economy of state building” (with J. Murtazashvili). Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, 2019

“Individualism and governance of the commons” (with M.Cai, J. Murtazashvili, R. Salahodjaev). Public Choice, 2019

“Can the design of democracy improve perceptions of democracy in fragile states?” (with T. Jochem and J. Murtazashili), Journal of Global Security Studies, 2019

“Are there lessons of the American frontier for the developing world?” (with J. Murtazashvili), APSA Comparative Politics Newsletter, 2019

“More boon than bane: How the U.S. reaped the rewards and avoided the costs of the shale boom” The Independent Review, 2019

“Wealth-destroying states,” (with J. Murtazashvili), Public Choice, 2019

“The politics of land property rights,” (with M. Cai and J. Murtazashvili), Journal of Institutional Economics, 2019

“Trust and deforestation: a cross-country comparison” (with J. Murtazashvili and R. Salahodjaev), Forest Policy and Economics, 2019

“The political economy of legal titling,” (with J. Murtazashvili), Review of Austrian Economics, 2019

“Polycentricity and the shale boom,” (with E. Piano), Review of Austrian Economics, 2018

“Institutions and the shale boom,” Journal of Institutional Economics (2017).

“Land reform, coercive capacity, and state-building in Afghanistan,” (with J. Murtazashvili) Central Asian Survey (2017).

“When does the emergence of a stationary bandit lead to property insecurity?” (with J. Murtazashvili) Rationality and Society (2016).

“Does community-based land registration and adjudication improve household land tenure security? Evidence from Afghanistan,” (with J. Murtazashvili), Land Use Policy 55: 230-39 (2016).

“Establishing local government in fragile states: Experimental evidence from Afghanistan,” (with T. Jochem and J. Murtazashvili) World Development 77, 1: 293–310 (2016).

“The origins of private property rights: states or customary organizations?” (with J. Murtazashvili) Journal of Institutional Economics 12, 1: 105–28 (2016).

“Does the sequence of land reform and political reform matter? Evidence from Afghanistan,” (with J. Murtazashvili) Conflict, Security, & Development 16, 1: 145-72 (2016).

“Social identity and voting in Afghanistan: Evidence from a survey experiment,” (with T. Jochem and J. Murtazashvili) Journal of Experimental Political Science 2, 1: 47–62 (2015).

“Governance of hydraulic fracturing in Africa,” (with C. Corrigan) Governance in Africa 2, 1 (2015).

“Anarchy, self-governance, and legal titling,” (with J. Murtazashvili) Public Choice 162, 3–4 (2015): 287–305.

Peer-reviewed conference proceeding

“Is Blockchain the Next Step in the Evolution Chain of Market Intermediaries? (with Gomez, Marcela and Bustamante, Pedro and Weiss, Martin B. H. and Murtazashvili, Ilia and Madison, Michael J. and Law, Wilson and Mylovanov, Tymofiy and Bodon, Herminio and Krishnamurthy, Prashant). 2019. Available at SSRN:

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